Summer '12 Anime Previews - じょしらく

8:25 PM

Image from Danbooru

The latest Kumeta Koji work to be animated!

Title: じょしらく, Joshiraku
Animation Production: J.C. STAFF
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Airs: 07/05 26:25 MBS/TBS

Series Summary from ANN:
 Joshiraku is a satirical comedy anime that follows the everyday life of a group of girls.
Kenn's Comment: Story is by Kumeta Koji, of Zetsubou Sensei fame, and art by Yasu, the illustrated of the ToraDora novels, among others. 

I took a look at the manga a few years ago, and from what I read...I didn't think it'd ever be made into an anime. To be fair, I didn't really look at too much of it, but it did seem very...episodic, and wasn't so to speak. From the bit I read, the story...takes place almost entirely in that room. Things happen, and I can see some of their hijinks to be anime material...but I don't know. It'll be one of those series that'll never be licensed. Like Zetsubou Sensei, there's heavy reference to culture and language, which makes it really, really hard to translate in a way that keeps it's meaning while making it accessible to those not familiar with Japan and it's customs.


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