Spring Anime Previews 2012 - あっちこっち

10:29 PM

Image by Yume Shokunin

Adaptation of a 4-Koma comedy series!

Title: あっちこっち, Acchi Kocchi, Here and There
Animation Production: AIC
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Airs: 04/05 25:25 TBS
Website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/ackc/

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
Acchi Kocchi follows the misadventures, screw ups, and idiocy of 5 schoolmates: Io, Tsumiki, Hime, Mayoi, and Sakaki.
Kenn's Comment: I vaguely remember reading this many, many moons ago. I don't really remember too much about it, but if I'm able to roughly remember it, it probably means that it's not that bad.

Story wise, there's not too much to go on; it's a comical school day-to-school day series, with comical hijinx thrown in, an almost overused plot structure, to be brutally honest. The nice thing about this one is that the romance is actually there, albeit in a silly form. If memory serves me correct, Io and Tsumiki are more a less an item at the beginning, so the question of them ending up together is never a question. It's a rather refreshing take on the rom-com formula.

Ignore the 'OMG THIS IS THE SECOND LUCKY STAR!!' comments on YouTube. Most of the comments on YouTube shouldn't be taken seriously. Seriously. 


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