Spring Anime Previews 2012 - ヨルムンガンド

1:37 AM

Image from Amazon

This one should be great.

Title: ヨルムンガンド, Jormungand
Animation Production: WHITE FOX
Genre: Action, Adventuer
Airs: 04/10 24:30 Tokyo MX
Website: http://www.jormungand.tv/
Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
This manga revolves around an underground weapon seller and her accomplices. The story starts when they add a new member to her team, a quiet young and strange boy. He hates weapons. An intense action-packed series with bullets, knives, words, and blood flying everywhere!  
Kenn's Comment: The story is surprisingly similar to 牙の旅商人. 

I meant to start the manga a while back, but I never got around to it. Regardless of what I didn't read, there's a good deal of hope going into this one. White Fox has been doing pretty darn well.

It's ridonculously late, and I can't think right now. This one saved til quite a bit later than I had wanted to due to lack of PV.


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