Spring Anime Previews 2012 - 夏色キサキ

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"orz I have to remember to do these things a lot more often.

Title: 夏色キサキ, Natsuiro Kiseki, Summer Colour Miracle
Animation Production: Sunrise
Genre: I don't know yet
Airs: 04/05 26:25 MBS
Website: http://www.natsuiro-kiseki.jp/

Series summary from AniDB:
Waking up in the morning, going to school, spending time with friends. These make up the days of four friends. They experience fun and sad things as well, and these days seem to go on forever, until one summer, a wonder happens. This is a story of four girls: Natsumi, a cheerful and frank girl, Saki, who is perfect in both studying and sports, Yuka, who is a fan of the idol group Four Seasons, and Rinko, who loves music. This warm yet refreshing summer-coloured wonder will surely carry you along...
Kenn's Comment: The characters remind me oh so much of the recently finished Tamayura, with it's four lead girls, each with their own little quirks. With 'キセキ' in the title, it more or less gives away some sort of supernatural presence in the show.

The cast is quite impressive; Sphere voices the lead roles, I believe. Hidari (Original Character Designer for Fractale) does the original character designs for this one, but like Fractale, his (or her) designs haven't exactly made the transition from design to anime. The character designer Tanaka Yuichi, also worked on the Index and Railgun series. The director, Mizushima Seiji has Hanamaru Kindergarten (which was really good) and FMA (first series) under his belt. Quite the impressive staff, if I must say so myself.


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