Song of the Week - 赤いコート

11:56 PM

ED for the second season of Arakawa.

Title: 赤いコート, Akai Coat, Red Coat
Artist: Suneohair
Genre: Pop Rock
Single: 赤いコート
Album: N/A
Vintage: 08/12/10 (it's not out yet)

Kenn's Comment: Those who watched either the first half of the first season of Honey & Clover or the second season will recognize the artist. His rise to fame is partially due to doing the ending for the two series. He also did the ending for the first season of Arakawa too. 

Anywho, I'm really liking the song. It's got a bit of an indie feel to it, but he's a signed he can't really be indie. Those who watch the second season will notice I put up the second ED animation for it. Not sure whether it was just a mid-series change, or if the first animation sequence was but a cover up for stuff they didn't finish. Regardless, the new animation fits the ED by Suneohair to a tee.

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