Weekly Webcomic - 男の子と女の子の夏

9:43 AM

A cute little 4koma that you should read when you get the time.

Title: 男の子と女の子の夏, Otoko no ko to Onna no ko no Natsu, A Boy and Girl's Summer
Genre: Comedy, Romance
Series: Original
Kenn's Comment: An original 4koma by Niwatori Hatori about the summer of a slightly dysfunctional, albeit adorable couple.

The art is quite nice, and the characters (there's only two) are really quite enjoyable. The title page may be a bit misleading as to portraying what the two characters are actually like though. They're more on the side of Com-Rom rather than the usual Rom-Com.

Read it over @ Danbooru, or over at Hatori's blog.

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