Weekly 東方 Doujin - やくもけ

5:48 PM

 Image by Minori Hon

Bad ass Chen is bad ass. Also loli Yukari and Ran are <3

Title: やくもけ, Yakumo-ke, The Yakumo Family
Artist: Minori Hon
Genre: Action, Comedy
Characters: Chen, Yakumo Yukari, Yakumo Ran, Shameimaru Aya, Inubashiri Momiji

Description from Danbooru:
Due to several incidents, Chen had to take care of her loli-fied masters. The event of this story was mentioned in Touhou 4koma series by the same artist.
Kenn's Comment: Series title is a parody of Minami-ke, however the story iteslf is vastly different from the story of the three sisters. Loli Yukari and Ran were great, and Chen taking Ran's usual role was nice. Bad ass Chen was also great. The art is also great too. Good for quick reads.

Read it over at Danbooru. I couldn't find it on Pixiv.

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