Summer '12 Anime Previews - ちとせげっちゅ!!

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The girl on the far left looks a bit like Tomoyo from CCS, doesn't she?

Title: ちとせげっちゅ!!, Chitose Get You!!
Animation Production: Silver Link
Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life
Airs: 07/01 24:56 AT-X

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
Chitose is an 11 year old girl who is madly in love with an older guy named Hiroshi. He works at the town hall right next to the school and Chitose spends every day relentlessly pursuing him. Can Chitose ever convince Hiroshi to go out with her?
Kenn's Comment: If you ever need a series to explain to someone what moe is, please, don't use this one.

Anywho, for those who are about to call the local church to get them to ban this, this one's pretty darn clean. Stars Chitose, an overly energetic 11 year old with a huge crush on a young man who works at the town hall. It's a one sided crush to crush all one sided crushes. Think of it like Infinite Stratos. Any of the girls liking Ichika pretty much experience what Chitose is doing, though they're probably infinitely (see what I did there?) more frustrated with that guy.

Anywho, it'll be up on Crunchyroll for those of you interested. I flipped through a bit of the manga, and it's not really my cup of tea.


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