A Day with Kenn 108

3:27 PM

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An electric fan would be nice on days when it gets really hot.

Let's start off chronologically. Found this bugger climbing up a wall in my room. Had to wait for it to drop down to a level where I could get it into a dust pan and throw it out the door. Not entirely sure where all these spiders are coming from...

Here we have worst of bugs - the mosquito. These buggers buzz by your ear while you try and sleep and take a bite when you're unaware. They're the worst! Couldn't get the camera to focus on it's head though. Always on the legs and body.

Now to the meat of the post. Took the ladyfriend out for the day. Science World is somewhere I've been numerous times on school field trips from elementary straight through to highschool. Interestingly, she's never been here, and always has wanted to, so I figured why not? I hinted as to where I was taking her earlier, but she didn't catch on.

The white roofed building in the back is BC Place, with it's new retractable roof. 

Interesting fact about Science World (or Telus World of Science as it's known as now).
  • The geometric dome itself was constructed for Expo 86
  • It's on one end of False Creek
  • Telus owns it's naming rights thanks to a massive donation

Anywho, most of the exhibits haven't changed much since the last time I was there. In fact, I don't think anything has really changed. The featured exhibit was pretty cool though - Da Vinci is always cool. Ladyfriend's been wanting to see it for a while, so double score. Before she read the descriptions of the various models of some of his inventions, I'd make up something to see whether she'd believe me or not. Like how his early tank was a renaissance mock up of a Dalek. Photography was off limits in that exhibit so, as a rule abiding citizen, no photos of that one.

It's a motherflooping pterodactyl! Had to say that when I saw this one. This was one of two dinosaurs on display in the animals exhibit (Sara Stern Gallery I believe it's called). Lots of stuff in there, from zebra pelts to live tarantulas. Ladyfriend stayed the hell away from all the bugs, and was kind of creeped out by the animal pelts. On display was a zebra, raccoon (which I called a hat), wolf, a bear and probably some more stuff that I didn't see. Stayed away from the reptile corner since they'd probably put a snake on me or something. The pterodactyl was taken with ladyfriend's iPhone.

Ladyfriend being dwarved by the t-rex skeleton (he's named STAN, not to be confused with the subject in Eminem's Stan). This one's taken on my iTouch, so excuse the shitty quality. On the flip side, that same shitty quality means that I don't have to censor out faces since you there's literally no discernible facial details in it!

Here's another shot for the size comparison. Stan's cheating a bit since he's not on the floor. Never trust them rex's to play fair. It looks like he got taken out through foul play though, since he's got a hole in the back of his skull. Probably a tire iron to the back of the head. Them raptors I tell you.

Going through the Body Works exhibit, with preserved pieces of intestines, hearts, brains and whatnot. When the Body Worlds gallery came to Science World, they had a huge gallery of preserved bodies dissected so you could see cross sections of various things like muscles, organs, skeletons and stuff like that. the Body Works exhibit is nothing compared to that. You've got a heart, a brain, a few pieces of intestines and whatnot. Then on the otherside of a small wall you've got the implants (breasts, penile) and prosthetics (eyes, legs, arms, etc). Eureka exhibit was simple machines, as well as light and sound devices (laser harps, and light gizmos). I lifted 200kg!...with a giant lever. Too many kids running around these exhibits, so I didn't really want to take shots and have to retake for every time a kid ran into the shot.

Sunset on River road. I'm not entirely sure where this is. Ladyfriend said it was a dyke (levee if you must), so I'll take her word for it. The birds here sound like they swallowed bicycle horn (those big red rubber ones), and the swarms of small flying bugs were pretty annoying to walk into. Other than that, this place is pretty darn gorgeous. The playground here was amazing. Here in Vancouver proper, the playgrounds are either filled with gravel or those pesky wood chippings. Over in Richmond, all playgrounds have that rubber-y sports surface. Not entirely sure what it's called, but it means that you're not going to have splinters all over or gravel in your shoes! Also, the playground at River Road had speakers playing whale calls built into it. Speakers! The fanciest playground I've seen in my area has a short zipline.

And that's more or less the 108th edition of A Day with Kenn, which has more or less become a Month with Kenn. I'll be doing a few more of those Anime Reviews, ココロコネクト is being worked on and I'm deciding which other one I want to do.

I also might be attending Anime Revolution, so keep an eye out for posts from there when it rolls around next month.

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