Weekly Vocaloid Feature - 初恋の絵本

9:58 AM

Great song. Also really cute.

Title: 初恋の絵本, Hatsukoi no Ehon, First Love Picture Book
Producer: チョリスP, フェルンドP
Illus.: ヤマコ
PV: Ziro
Vocaloid: GUMI
Kenn's Comment: It's got a really really catchy chorus, and even the verses sound great. There are some times where I could've done with a bit less on the instruments and more on GUMI's voice, but overall, I thought the balance was pretty good. The art in the PV looks really good and makes the PV all pretty. 

If this was a live performance, I think the supporting band would be pretty intense towards the end. Which would be pretty interesting considering how not-intense the song is.

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