Song of the Week - 遠く君へ

6:48 PM

I love this song. Like seriously. I love this song.

Title: 遠く君へ, Tooku Kimi he, Far Away to You
Artist: Touyama Nao (and/or) Noto Mamiko (or) Nakajima Megumi
Genre: N/A
Single: N/A
Album: 異国迷路のクロワーセ OST, Ikoku Meiro no Kurowaze OST, Crossroads of a Foreign Country OST

Kenn's Comment:  A beautiful song from Ikoku Meiro's bonus episode, 4.5 as it's usually referred to.

The reason I have all those people under the 'artists' part is because it's sung by all three of them. The song is played in 4.5, and is sung by Touyama Nao (Yune) and Noto Mamiko (Anne). The songs on the OST are by either Touyama and Nakajima Megumi (hers is an ending for 4.5).

From what I managed to understand (and be able to translate) this is a song of longing for a certain country and person (most likely Japan, though it's not specified, and the title should more or less be self explanatory on the second point). I've got a friend who recently said that she wanted to go back home to Japan, so I'm sure she'll love this song.

Anywho, lovely song. Played by non-Japanese instruments as Ikoku Meiro takes place in Paris and Anne plays a guitar. I'm up to the challenge to set it for koto instead of guitar and maybe two other instruments to take the place of the clarinet and violin (I am a composition major after all). I don't know of any Japanese instruments that really sounds like the clarinet...or violin though.

Anywho, enjoy! 

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