Weekly Vocaloid Feature - インタビュア

3:55 PM

Luka uses and iPhone in this. Sponsor!

Title: インタビュア, Interviewer
Producer: ケワガタP
Genre: Pop
Vocaloid: 巡音ルカ

Kenn's Comment: I'm not even sure how old this one is. I also feel like I've put this one up before...though I can't find it at all.

Anywho, Luka's used really well in this, and her voice is done really well.  The balance is done well, the instrumentals don't over power Luka's voice and Luka's voice isn't overpowering the instruments (it happens).

The real reason why I put this one up though, is because of these two covers (below).

First by ヲタみん (Wotamin). She's got a great voice, and I've heard her singing in a few other songs, including -ggrks- in a collab with Clear.

This one is by 蛇足 (Dasuko), a NND singer I've really liked ever since I heard him in Imitation Black, which was a collab with Clear and バルシェ (Valshe).

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