Weekly 東方 Doujin - 押入れ隠れちゅう

6:40 PM

Image by ちはぐら

This is...I believe Chihagura's latest work.

Title: 押入れ隠れちゅう, Oshiire Kakure Chuu, Closet Hidden Kiss (literally)
Artist: Hachi (ちはぐら)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yuri
Characters: Houreisen Kaguya, Fujiwara no Mokou

Kenn's Comment: No description, because I can't think of one that won't spoil everything.

For those who have been following me for a while, you'll know that this isn't the first Chihagura doujin I've put up, the earlier one (I think) being from way back in June of last year. You'll also know that Mokou x Kaguya is Hachi's pairing of choice, and often has Reisen, Eirin and Tewi as humourous side characters (Keine also makes a brief appearance).

For those who are new here, Chihagura's an artist who, I believe, has almost all of their works as a Kaguya-Mokou pairing doujin. Likewise, those of you who absolutely loathe girls kissing each other (I don't think it ever goes further than that), you may want to leave now.

Anywho, Chihagura's art is lovely as always, though a neck or two in a few panels might have been a little bit off. Mokou is the seme in this one, but a little twist at the end throws everything out the window...maybe.

A preview's up at Pixiv, and you can buy the book itself for 326 Yen I believe from Melon Books (not exactly safe for work, open at your own risk.)

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