Weekly Vocaloid Feature - V3 New Comers

11:38 AM

Image by Caffein

Holy crap. I checked my YouTube subscriptions this morning to find more than a handful of demos for the new batch of Vocaloids. I likely won't find too much info on any of them, so I won't go into too much detail about them, but I'll be sharing those demos.

*If you can't read it (or can't read at all) title pic is an illustration of Yuzuki Yukari, who's featured after the jump.

We start with CUL. She might be familiar to those who follow Vocaloid closely as she was originally a model for an MMD video using VY-1's voicebank (which is higher).

According to her page, her voice sampling is provided by voice actor Kitamura Eri (I really like her btw). Also, she's from Internet like GUMI (GUMI's v3 is amazing) and Gakupoid. She rolls out on the 22nd of December.

Next up we have 結月ゆかり(Yuzuki Yukari) from AH-Soft. Like the rest of the AH-Soft Vocaloids, her voice can be a bit rough (not as smoothed out on note transitions as ones from Internet Co, or  Crypton). Her voice and design are nice, but the fact that she sounds like a really good Vocaloid 2 bugs me a bit. How popular she'll be, however, is a different story. I dont' think AH-Soft's Vocaloids really got very popular. Crypton's and GUMI eat up all the popularity.

Aria on the Planetes

Last one as well as the one I have the highest hopes for. Her name is IA (really funny, I'll explain in a bit), and she's from new comer to the Vocaloid market - 1st PLACE. Like the rest of them she's using the V3 library and yada yada yada. Here's where it gets interesting: her voice sampling is provided by Lia, who has a gorgeous voice. I'm just hoping that artists don't try and make IA sounds too much like Lia. And if you don't know, the song is 鳥の詩 (Song/Poem of Bird), the OP to AIR TV.

She rolls out at the end of January next year. 

What was so funny about IA's name? It's just the last two letters of Lia's name.

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