Fall 2012 Anime Previews - 絶園のテンペスト

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Everybody's hiding something from everybody else...

Title: 絶園のテンペスト: The Civilization Blaster, Zetsuen no Tempest, (The) Forbidden Tempest: The Civilization Blaster
Animation Production: BONES
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
Airs: 10/04 26:00 MBS
Website: http://www.zetsuen.net/

Series Summary from MangaUpdates:
Yoshino Takigawa is visiting his friend's family grave. After getting there, he encounters Evangeline Yamato, a woman in search for his friend, Mahiro Fuwa, who left a month ago to find his family's killer without any clues to who it might be. Evangeline informs Yoshino that two places where Mahiro has been spotted have been quarantined, due to an epidemic.

When Evangeline is questioning Yoshino at gun-point, Mahiro comes out of nowhere and swiftly saves him and can stop bullets in mid-air, claiming to have a deal with a sorceress; not just any, but the strongest sorceress, Hakaze Kusaribe, who promised to help find his family's killer with her magic so he can kill the killer himself.

After saving Yoshino, Mahiro informs him about the epidemic, a curse that turns living things into metal, claiming the Kusaribe clan plans to revive the Tree of Zetsuen that could destroy the world. 
Kenn's Comment: I've read the manga and (I think) it's pretty darn good. And with BONES at the helm, we can at least be guaranteed a pretty picture if all else fails. For those looking for the next big battle shounen, I'm afraid you're barking up the wrong tree. Zetsuen no Tempest has some action, but the brunt of it lies in in mystery and bluffs the characters pull. It's pretty impressive in the manga, and I'm looking forward to how the voice cast plays it out.

In one of the PVs, the song playing is, fittingly, Beethoven's piano sonata No. 17, op. 31 no. 2, more commonly known as 'Tempest'. 

More PVs up at the site under 'Movie'.


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