Fall 2012 Anime Previews - Robotics;Notes

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Based off the VN!

Title: Robotics;Notes
Animation Production: Production I.G.
Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi
Airs: 10/11 25:15 Fuji TV
Website: http://roboticsnotes.tv/

Series Summary from AniDB:
It is the year 201. A device called the PhoneDroid, more commonly called the PokeCom, has gained wide-spread acceptance.

On the island of Tanegashima, Central Tanegashima High School's Robot Research Club is on the verge of disbandment. Yashio Kaito shows absolutely no interest in the Club despite the situation and being one of the club's only 2 members. He is fully absorbed in developing a robot fighting game. His attitude causes friction with Akiho, the other member.

Senomiya Akiho is the reckless Club President. She is determined to save the club by completing construction of a giant robot.

One day, whilst Kaito was in a park, working on his computer game as usual, he hears a girl's voice and discovers the A.R. annotation of the Kimijima Report. It is an allegation of a plot by one Kimijima Kou's with world-wide implications.
Kenn's Comment: The lead girl's hairstyle is like a cross between Hamuko (P3 Female Protagonist) and Poplar (Working!!).

Anywho, robots, clubs, and world domination. VN's from the people behind Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate (I'm noticing the semicolon relationship), so it's a bit hit or miss at the moment (C;H wasn't that great, S;G was amazing).

I'm all for giant robots, so long as they don't end up with annoyingly bad designs or action scenes as slow as the Reideen remake.


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