Fall 2012 Anime Previews - BTOOOM!

3:35 PM

Image by Inoue Junya

You'd be surprised at how hard it was to find a picture for this one that's work safe. I blame Himiko.

Title: BTOOOM!, ブトゥーム
Animation Production: Mad House
Genre: Action, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Airs: 10/4 23:00 TOKYO MX
Website: http://www.btooom.com/

Series Summary from Yen Press:
Ryota Sakamoto is one of the top-ranked players of BTOOOM!, an online battle game. But no amount of simulated warfare could have propared him for what is to come ...Ryota wakes one evening to find himself dangling from a tree by a parachute with no recollection of how he got there. Before he can orient himself to his unfamiliar surroundings, Ryota is attacked. As a barrage of explosives rain down on him, Ryota realizes that he too has a pack of bombs ...bombs that look very similar to the ones used in BTOOOM! Ryota may have mastered the online game, but can he come out on top in this real-life game of survival?! 
Kenn's Comment: Another anime of a manga I featured up on the blog. Granted I believe I mentioned it getting an anime adaptation in that one, so I can't really say that I nailed it.

Anywho, I'm most certainly looking forward to this one. I'm a bit wary of how the staff will handle the violence.

Another thing to note: Ryota is voiced by a rookie voice actor. He's an actor, most known for his roles in Nana 2, and Prince of Tennis live action, as well as various other drama and movie works. It'll be interesting to see how he translates his experience on set to going behind the mic.

Opening is by Nano (she began on NND, fluent in English and Japanese, great voice too) and ED by May'N (need I say anything about her?).


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