A Week with Kenn 104

11:32 PM


Finally peeled myself away from Skyrim. I'm an Argonian assassin, aligned with the Dark Brotherhood. At the moment I fight with dual daggers, almost always going for the one hit kills. It's over-powered as heck, and also means that I'm more or less screwed if I can't kill something in one hit. I'm working on Conjuration for the Daedra and Atronarchs. Followers unneeded.

But enough of my no-life/ Skyrim life. There are slightly more interesting things to discuss!

Snapped on the phone (the best phone photo for this post). Nothing very interesting about this actually. Just thought it was ironic. It's a cow cream-pot! Pour it in the hole in it's back, and it'll pour out of it's mouth. A grim reminder of where we get our dairy products.

Friend doodled this on a wall of one of the practice rooms up at the university. Now, Kyuubey stares into your very soul as you plunk out notes on the piano. If you even find yourself in desparate need, you could...you know, form a contract. Don't do it!!

The troll face has been showing up in all the rooms as well. Not sure who's drawing it in, but it's likely someone who spends too much time on 9Gag. And before someone tells me that the face comes from 4chan, I'm well aware of that, being someone who spends a good chunk of time surfing the internet hate machine. 

This is the one I see more often. Not sure what was o.k., but I'm guessing someone must've had a bit of a jam session? This room is probably the most written on, as it's the room that everybody vies for. Nothing says fun times like a grand piano in a room the size of small bathroom. 

Let's jump forward to Valentine's Day last week. The school caf (the food is pretty darn bad for the astronomical prices) celebrated by having these cupcakes. Chocolate and...strawberry I think? There was also a $10 chicken burger pair deal. Friend got it for himself and I have to say that I'm glad I didn't share it with him; it looked pretty gross to be honest. Freaking caf food...

Same friend handed out these mini-Beanie Baby Valentine's bears. I can see why he didn't want to give this one to the girls...though the 'Kiss Me' one was still floating around...

Because the photos of my chocolates were so terribad that I refuse to put them up (the photo was bad, the chocolates weren't too shabby, if I do say so myself), I'll put up the photo of the ladyfriend's chocolate box. Bulbasaur is part of a witty and nerdy joke whose punch line can be found in a Pokedex. While my chocolates were dark and on the bitter (75-85%), hers were very sweet, though delicious in their own right. Three tiered box; mint chocolates on top, truffles underneath, and a bed of jellybeans at the bottom. Puts my Chery Cordials and failed soy-chocolate-things to shame in the visuals department. 

生存戦略!!! Bag full of medicine and whatnots to get me through the changing season from the ladyfriend. I'll probably have to get her one soon too...

A cousin living in Singapore sent one of these in the mail. I have to say, I've never seen a wax sealed envelope in real life in recent memory. This awesome letter came today with a wedding invitation to her wedding in Bali. Bali.

Wrapping things up, Mystica's more or less disappeared from the face of the blog, but hasn't stopped blogging. She runs Doll vlogs over on her YT channel, which I'll link over here. If I'm correct, she should have a new one up sometime tomorrow.

That's all from me for now! I'll be back in another four years for the next installment. See y'all then!

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