Song of the Week - O Alexandra

8:37 AM

Image from Hidden Pony

Another week, another Said the Whale song. Gorsh I love these guys.

Title: O Alexandra
Artist: Said the Whale
Genre: Indie, Rock
Single: N/A
Album: Little Mountain
Vintage: 12/03/06 (ddmmyy)

Kenn's Comment: Pretty sure that the video is somewhere along the Burrard Inlet, a fjord that separates metropolitan Vancouver from the North Shore cities of West and North Vancouver. If it's not, I'll eat my hat.

Playing off the back of a tug is pretty darn cool. Especially with the wonderful sights along the coast.

Awesome song. My only complaint is that it's pretty short. At 2:46 it's actually a bit longer than a good number of their other songs. Summer hit of a few years ago, Camillo, is only 7 seconds longer at 2:53. The good thing about it's length is that it's chock full of awesomeness for it's 2:46 duration. 

Enjoy! By the way, for Vintage, I put the album release date, rather then when the MV for the song came out.

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