A Day with Kenn 103

9:58 PM

A Day With Kenn returns, though slightly slowed down due to construction in front of my gate.

It's a pain to get out of the house now...

We begin yesterday. This is a shot from the Seabus on the waters of the Burrard Inlet. It's been really nice out lately, though still quite chilly. The sun is a little bit misleading, as the ladyfriend found out today. The photo was taken through the Seabus window, which is why the photo degrades towards the top.

 A hill coming out of Lonsdale Quay. One of the steepest hills I know (Victoria drive's southern sections are as steep, if not steeper). Standing on the bus on this hill is an interesting feeling because of how angled it is.

Shot this while walking back from Park & Tilford because of a bus that never came. Not sure what the river is called, but it's quite picturesque. I think it's part of a park, but I haven't been able to find access to the park...let alone the river.

In the heart of Vancouver, right beside City Center station. Sears building (Pacific Center) is the round building on the right. Scotia tower on the left, with a building I forget's name and purpose in the center. It's clock at the top is cool though. Whether it's accurate or not, however, is not entirely known.

Went skating today with the ladyfriend at the GE Ice Plaza at Robson Square. Smaller than most rinks I've been to, but the only outdoor rink I know of. It was built for the Olympics way back in 2010, and is opened every winter, from...December to the end of February I believe.

Gorgeous weather today. The GE Ice Plaza is right behind the VAG (Vancouver Art Gallery), which is a few minutes from City Center Station.

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After getting lost a few times, and a rather long walk, we arrived at Capstone Tea and Fondue. Pretty place, and the fondue is more filling than it looks. Misfortune strikes hard here as I end up stabbing myself with the fondue fork, and dripping chocolate everywhere. Don't worry. I'm perfectly sane. 

Stopped by the CIBC Lunar New Year festivities. A Lantern Aquarium made by artists with entries by local children. Neat experience, though I was expecting something a little bit more awe inspiring. Not sure when this event closes, but it's on the other side of the Art Gallery. Other side referring to the side that Robson Square is on. 

Not entirely sure what the structure at the bottom of the picture is. Perhaps something unfinished? The hanging fish were neat, though they're not really lanterns. 

I remember telling the ladyfriend that it wouldn't be an aquarium without a shark. I don't think I took a photo of it, but there's definitely a shark there. It's easily the biggest single piece in the exhibit, as well as possibly being the brightest.

Flying fish I think? The ones with wings. Not entirely sure what this piece was supposed to be. The buckets on the ground are tapped like a radio drum set up, though I couldn't really discern any pattern. To be fair, I couldn't really tell which drum was being tapped when, so getting any sort of pattern from that would be an impressive feat. 

A jellyfish I think? There's a ray on the ground too. Not sure if it's a jellyfish because the 'bell' of the piece isn't really a bell as it's not lit...nor was it shaped like the bell of a jellyfish. 

The hanging fish from a photo above. Flash killed the few in front, but the rest are fine. Doesn't look like these ones are lit, though the paperwork is impressive. 

Fountain right behind the lantern show. For some odd reason the dust and whatnot on the lens of my camera didn't show up in any of the other photos. Strange. Think of it as the tamayura, like in the series penned by Sato Junichi. 

Same place as the second picture I took, just in the night. My phone's camera isn't exactly spectacular, so this one's about as grainy as whole grain mustard. 

I think that's about it for today. See you all tomorrow for the Weekly Manga Feature! 

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