A Day With Kenn 110-4

2:18 PM

Hey hey hey hey! It's the post where we (me and Zelos) show off what we got!

So pictured above is my 'haul'. It's limited to pretty much those three items which is why I'm hesitating to call it a 'haul'. Maybe more of...a catch? Either way, it was a pretty pricey catch.

Gracing the boxes of the LEBD boxes are Madoka, Mami and Homura! The lettering is done in a shiny gold foil, and the box itself is entirely white with polka dots corresponding to the colour of who's on the box. I'm both a bit happy and sad that there's no Kyouko and Sayaka. Happy because it means it's 2 less that I had to buy, and sad that those two aren't represented. The two of them have a lot of dedication in info books though.

Sayaka graces the back of  volume 2. There's a sticky note on the back of the boxes that's essentially the back of the case where all the information is. I thought it was actually part of the box until the bottom corner lifted. They're still on the box, mind you. Can't bring myself to take them off!

Inside Box 1. Included are the info book (bottom right), the OST (black, middle), the discs themselves (both BD and DVD are included), the end card illustrations (on post card sized cards, middle) and a double sided poster. I don't think I'll be putting up any of those posters...the fold lines irritate me and I don't know how to get rid of them.

Inside the info book are interviews with various people involved in the series, like Shinbo, Urobochi, and the various voice actors. There are also character sketches and designs (the sketches and drawings by Aoki Ume) and illustrations of the witches that appear in the episodes included in the box. At the end are a set of humourous 4 panel comics based on situations in the episodes drawn by Aoki Ume.

Box 2, though Mami is on the cover, has a lot of Sayaka and Kyouko in it. It comes with two double sided posters, one of which (if memory serves me correct) more or less dedicated to Sayaka and Kyouko. I probably should've taken photos of the posters by themselves, but the double sided-ness put me off.

Another thing the info books have are episode previews of the ones included. I read through them and they're not only well written, but are written so as to not spoil major events. Even the pictures don't spoil enough to ruin an episode for you.

The third and final box. You can't see it too well, but like box 2, it comes with two double sided posters. I also like the cover of disc case the best of the three (the one with all of the girls). If I were to put a poster up, I might put that Ultimate Madoka one up. It's not exactly this, which I'd make into stained glass and use it as the Cathedral of Madoka's altar window, but it's still pretty!

Almost forgot about this one. This is the limited edition poster from Aniplex USA that C&L was giving out with every purchase (of Madoka, I'd like to assume). I bought the three volumes in two runs, so I ended up getting two of the posters; Zelos has the other one.

Have you read A Day with Kenn 110-3? No? What are you doing?! Get over there and read it! It'll only take a few minutes! Read it here!!

For those who have, this is what I got autographed by Nakata Jouji, the voice of Giroro. On the left is the autograph, and on the right (though it's a bit hard to read) is 「目を食いしばれ!!」 If AR somehow gets another voice actor who has a character in Keroro, I'll have them sign on this colour insert beside their respective character! It'll be awesome and great!!

Speaking of Zelos, this is his haul. I forget the artists, but all of these were done by the various artists selling at the Artist's area of the Vendors Hall. Except for that Madoka one, of course. And the dakimakura at the top right of the photo.

Also, pardon the poor image quality. Zelos...doesn't have access to a proper camera.

If memory serves me correct, the top two (Mio and Samus, as well as the League of Legends poster ) are done by one artist, then the Tales and two Miku ones are done by another artist (I think), leaving the others by a third. Samus is probably my favourite of the bunch. The artist who did that one had some other amazing posters for sale too. Including a Nyancat one.

Last part of Zelo's artist purchases. The small one is a book mark!

Flynn! Made by Alter, this plushy has Nendoroid joints in it's body (legs, neck, arms) making it pose-able, albeit very limited. I don't think it can stand, but he sits well. The sword is attached by a magnet to his hand, so you can use it as a fridge magnet too (I think).

"Last" but not least, is The Last Story! Saving this for last because it's not directly related to the convention. It's really, really pretty...the box that is. I haven't started the game yet. The box is designed to look like a book. Not sure if you can see it, but between the 'covers' of the box, it's designed to look like the side of a book (with the pages).

Inside, we've got an art book (middle), the soundtrack, by Nobuo Uematsu!! (left), and the game itself (on the right). I haven't cracked open the soundtrack yet, but I'm sure it's amazing. It's Uematsu after all.

The art book is gorgeous. Full colour images as well as character sheets and sketches. The characters look very...Final Fantasy-ish, but it's to be expected when you consider the game (made by Sakaguchi, formerly the producer of the Final Fantasy series). I've only heard good things about the game, with the only bad thing being "It's too pretty for the Wii".

Anywho, that concludes my coverage of Anime Revolution 2012. If I'm still in town next year, I'll be going again with Zelos (hopefully) for another round of coverage. Maybe I'll have a better camera and won't have to wait for a certain person to send theirs (hint hint nudge nudge). See ya the next time I do a Day With Kenn entry!

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