A Day With Kenn 110-3

3:51 PM

Welcome back. It's become apparent that I won't be seeing any of the requested photos until the next transit of Venus, so I figured I might as well just finish it off...

That's me on the left (obviously)
...With my own photo of Nakata Jouji!! Got the convention center early to line up for his autograph session. I had a volume (V16 of Tokyopop's NA release) of Keroro signed. I had him sign beside Giroro and write a little quip 「目を食いしばれ!」, Giroro's catchphrase. You can't see it very well here, but there'll be a better shot of it in the next post.

When I got to the lineup (about 30-45 minutes before the convention started) there was a huge lineup and I was a bit worried about how long I'd be in the lineup. A staff member came by calling for anybody in the lineup for Funimation's "Behind the Scenes" panel. More than half the line disappeared and I ended up about 6 or 9 people from the front. Hells to the yeah!

Zelos (on the left, obviously)
Zelos showed up later and joined me in the lineup. Thought he was going to try and make the NND livestream, but I guess Nakata trumped that one. He had an autograph board signed, and asked for a little quip of Otoo-san from Working!! (if you didn't know, Nakata voices Otoo).

Oh and the third and final day (Sunday) I came with the ladyfriend.

Here's a picture of her with a Bane cosplayer. He didn't have a voice that always sounded like it was in your ear, no matter how far away he was. Nor did he have that odd voice. Oddly enough, there's a Chinese Electric Batman in the background (Hei, Darker than Black).

Walked around the Vendors Hall for the third and final time (first for the lady). Looked at things we (me and Zelos) really pay too much attention to (like jewelery and plushies). Didn't spend any money this round, though Zelos picked up a Flynn (Tales of Vesperia) plushy. It's got Nendo Petit joints in it, pushing it's price well above the average cost of your normal plushy. Over the three days, I think we blew clear of $300 combined (most of it on my part).

There wasn't too many things to take a look at. Most of the events were scheduled on the Saturday, or Sunday evening, which I'd miss. The only panel I went to was Nakata Jouji's second panel, the "Dark Side of Nakata Jouji", which was supposed to focus on his more serious, darker characters, like Kotomine and Alucard, though like his first panel, it was mainly just a mish-mash of everything.

Pictured above was a team of TF2 cosplayers, though the teams are so ridiculously skewed that I'd just quit if I was on the Blue team. Also, the scout on the far right is a friend of the ladyfriend's.

On the Red Team
  • 2 Medics
  • 2 Spies
  • 4 Scouts
  • 1 Engineer
  • 1 Sniper
  • 1 Heavy
On the Blue Team
  • 2 Scouts
  • 1 Heavy
There was also a Boomer hiding in the crowd, though I'm not sure what team a character from another game would be in.

Here's an amusing shot. Jesus and Master Chief. The first thing that went through my mind was "God mode activate" (or for Starcraft players, Power Overwhelming). Two great cosplays that are even better side by side.

Also spotted what I believe (ladyfriend says it is at least) a Ciel Phantomhive. Really didn't see too many of him at the convention and this one is really good. Photo is a bit wonky (a bit too dark), though it doesn't take too much away from the awesomeness of the costume. No Sebastian sighted though.

Caught this pair while we were heading back to the trains. On the left, Yuna, with her FFX look. On the right, Pit. Both are really great costumes (though Yuna could've done with her staff for completeness).

All the cosplayers hanging around outside must've been a real spectacle for all the toursts coming off the cruise ships or walking around downtown. Even moreso for customers of the Fairmont, seeing all the cosplayers in the hall's lobby.

Anywho, headed back to Richmond to pick up The Last Story (which I haven't started yet) and headed back home to get ready for work.

Stay tuned for next time when I put up our (Zelos included) haul! I've got my 3 Madoka bluray boxes as well as shots of The Last Story (not from AR, but it's during the same time frame, so why not?).

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