A Day with Kenn 110-2

6:16 PM

Welcome back to Part 2 of my Anime Revolution experience. Rather than waiting and hoping that Ivy gets me them photos, I'll go on without them. I've got lots of photos for Day 2, though having the ones of Jouji would have been really, really cool. Like really, really cool.

First thing in the morning: awesome Danbo cosplay. There's a switch on the side of his head that turns on lights behind the eyes. Absolutely amazing.

Day 2 begins fairly slowly. We didn't have line ups impeding us and the didn't really have any panels planned for the first few hours, so we trudged slowly through the Vendor's hall. Zelos went through the Artist's section, mentally bookmarking stalls and posters he wanted. As for me, I picked up the 3rd volume of the limited edition blurays for Madoka, pushing my spendings up well over $200. Again, I'll be covering the haul in it's own post.

Spotted a Keima in character. I wonder what he was playing on his PFP PSP. I should've brought mine. It'd help a lot with the lineups.

Compared to Friday, Saturday's vendor hall was fully set up and packed with people. We were there in the earlier hours, so the crowds were still fairly thin, but there still were visibly more people there.

One of the few Gintama cosplayers we spotted. It's hard to say what the most common cosplay was, but I was surprised to see that so few people were going as Bleach / Naruto / One Piece characters.

Zelos and I headed for the first panel, Voice Actor Idol. Think AI, except instead of singing, you're reading a script, putting yourself in character. Cue some lineup mishaps, a massive lineup and a text from Ivy which sent us heading to a completely different panel - Indie Games 101 (not the actual panel name). Can't say it was too interesting. Without their programmer, the panel (the first for the group) was fairly dull. Indie Games are great and all, but when all they are able to talk about is the mind set you'd have to go through, it doesn't feel a lot like a panel about making games at all. Speaker at the panel (from SpaceCat Studios) had to compete with the crowd and contestants over at the Voice Actor Idol; it was often hard to hear him making the panel hard to pay attention to.

Several failed attempts to meet up with Ivy later, we finally catch a break and catch her in line for the first of two Nakata Jouji panels (insert complaints of lack of Jouji panels here). The first panel was supposed to be of Nakata's more comedic characters like Giroro (ケロロ軍曹) and Otoo-san (Working!), though it ended up being filled with questions about his roles as Kotomine (Fate/Zero) and Alucard (Hellsing). It was pretty darn cool though. People would ask questions, often requests for lines from their favourite characters. My favourite questions were the ones related to Giroro, from his ギロギロギロギロ to his more comedic wailing "Natsumiiiiiii!". Zelos' favourite ones were ones related to Otoo-san (Working!). I bet people were surprised to know that Nakata voices such a feeble character when they see other roles he's done, like Kotomine, Alucard, and Sol (Guilty Gear).

Just an example of what things were like.

Three cosplayers from 未来日記 (Future Diary). Not sure which number they are, but Zelos is pretty sure that they're No. 13, so I'll go with that. The one in the middle back was saying "hurry up with the photos!". I'm sure we can all guess why he'd like us to hurry up.

This was an impressive cosplay. Might not look like much from this, but this guy is on stilts. Yes, you read right. Stilts. He stood well over a foot above everybody, and left Zelos and I wondering how the heck he managed to get in and out of the convention hall's doors. He even had an escort clearing the way for him to walk! I think this is One Piece? Correct me if I'm wrong, not a One Piece reader.

I've more of less run out of things to talk about, but I've still got lots of photos to run through.

Pictured here is the lineup for the Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary panel. Many of the voice actor guests for the convention had roles in the English dub of the series, so it was nice way to celebrate 20 years of the series. As you can see, the line is pretty big, but it's also chock full of a Sailor Moon cosplayers. This lineup started outside of the hall's doors, but other lineups were in Exhibition Hall A, an entire hall for lining up. Didn't learn about the lineup hall until before the Nakata panel. Blast.

One of the couple K-ON! cosplayers spotted at the con. Interestingly enough, it can be split down the middle - Black shoes on the left, white on the right. I don't think I saw a single Azusa cosplay. Azusa fan slightly discouraged.

Here's another one you didn't see a lot of. Sword Art Online! Kirito and Asuna cosplayers. I'm pretty sure these two were the only two SAO cosplayers, which makes them the best of the convention! These two were spotted in Exhibition Hall A, hanging around outside of the slew of lineups.

Aside from anime and game characters (there was a Team Fortress Medic cosplayer above), you also had comic characters, like Scarecrow (pretty sure this is Scarecrow) from the Batman series. I can't tell you which variation this is (variation referring to which story).

Yoko cosplay. Easily one of the skimpiest outfits at the con. It was pretty cool in the building, so I hope she had a jacket or something, or hung around outside where it was really, really warm. Her buddies were joking around off to the side about how she was getting so many more photo requests compared to them. And you know daaaaamn well why.

Here's a bad photo. My camera doesn't handle backlight hella well, so the cosplayer of Nell is unfortuntaely, ominously lit.

Anywho, that's it for today, look forward to parts 3 and the haul post. Catch you next time!

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