Pokemon Sun / Moon

1:29 PM

Well, the new information about the latest in the long series of Pokemon games is here. Not a lot, but there's supposed to be some more at E3, where the Treehouse will be showing it off, along with whatever the new Zelda is.

News from serebii, and stuff The Pokemon Company dropped.

Today's news was mostly rehashing old news with a bit more information on the big two legendaries, and a tiny bit of the locale and it's people.

Solgaleo and Lunala. Knowing the types are cool, but I stopped caring about legendary Pokemon after Lugia and Ho-Oh. They're significantly less exciting compared to news about the new Pokemon that inhabit the Alola region.

Speaking of the Alola region, there's a whole lot of water in between those islands. I have a feeling we won't necessarily be needing Surf to travel between Alola's four (five with the artificial island) major landmasses, instead relying on ferries not unlike Ruby/Sapphire's Mr. Briney.  Surf and Fly, when available, will probably end up being the more convenient method of transport.

As for it's human inhabitants, we know of three people (excluding player character) so far. Professor Kukui (also the name of a tree) and his unorthodox lab wear. Why the internet is exploding in love for this tool of a scientist is a beyond me, but I hope they don't make him speak all "hip and cool". "Hey teens, I dig you!"

Also, the new "next-gen Pokedex has a Rotom living in it. They did it. They actually did it. Pokemon can now be tools. Rotomdex is your friend, but also lives in your tool. Is it technically haunted? What does Rotom gain from being trapped in the Pokedex?

Note, that this isn't the first instance of Pokemon being used as "tools". Porygon were in the computers of ORAS's Delta Episode, crunching numbers on simulations in the space center, if I remember correctly.

Then there's Lillie, Kukui's "mysterious assistant". She's supposed to have an important role to play in the story, so I'm just going to throw it out there and say that she's the priestess of the temple that maintains the cosmos, sort of like Zinnia in ORAS's delta episode.

It doesn't seem like you'll be battling her, as she apparently doesn't like having Pokemon battle, so she'll likely be strictly a story character.

Lastly, we have Hau, your cinnamon roll new best friend. He loves Pokemon and malasada (a deep fried pastry popular in Hawaii, with origins in Portugal), and will be your overly friendly rival through the game, unless they debut someone with a little bit more bite to offset this guy.

Character creation is back, but so far they've only shown you "picking" a character from a list. I really do hope the full creator, hopefully touched up with more options, is brought back from XY. It adds a little bit more personality to the game. Also hoping ORAS's secret base system comes back, and is just a function of the Rotomdex because secret bases were cool. Just hope they get expanded on a little to make them a little bit more useful.

That's basically it for the new drop today. More info at E3 when it's played, and the game drops November 18th, unless you're in Europe, than it's a week later on the 23rd. 

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