Valvrave The Liberator

7:48 PM

Image from Valvrave

Vampire Gundam Geass!

Oh boy, where do we start with this.

Art: 8/10
Typical of Sunrise the art and animation is top notch. The mechanical designs used for Valvrave are great, though it's wings (and other machine's wings) really don't make much sense. They look really dainty and fragile, and don't look like they even work. Small details though, all in all, art is good.

Characters: 6.5/10
Weak willed protagonists have always bugged me. Guilty Crown's Shoelace Shuu is a good example of this, and I could kind of see him in Haruto. I know it's not exactly good story telling to have a main character (a high school student) being a clockwork soldier, but characters having weak motivations and being wishy-washy about everything rubs me the wrong way. It's still early in the series so I'm hoping that the characters get fleshed out well, and Haruto gains a backbone.

Story: 6.5/10
 Typical of Sunrise - if you don't see a body, they didn't die. Haruto's main motivation was to avenge Shoko (also driving the Dorssians off JIOR) , but when she somehow survives a beam cannon strike and is perfectly fine, we see Haruto more or less revert. I really liked his cold, calculated killings in the second episode. Maybe it's just me being tired of main characters being saintly. I don't know about you but body swapping vampires piloting mechs could be pretty cool if they pull the story and characters together.

Entertainment: 7

That freaking opening. THAT GLORIOUS MIZUKI NANA AND TM REVOLUTION. I'd be sold on the OP alone.

Yes, I gave it a 7 due to the OP. Plus, vampires, body swapping, and the events that happen in episode 2 were pretty fun. Looking forward to the crazy places Sunrise takes this train.

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