Spring Anime Review - あっちこっち

11:57 PM

I don't know how many of these I'll be doing, but I really like this series, so I'm doing one on this at least.

The OP really fits the series well. It's cheery, bouncy and just a whole lot of fun. It's one of the reasons this one is probably one of my favourites of the season. It's consistently great week to week and it really never gets old. Characters really drive this series and it's the characters that make this one shine so brilliantly.

Mayoi and Sakaki drive much of the comedy, and much of the resulting humour comes from whatever they had coming for them. Pictured is how the little things really make this one special: earlier in the series, Mayoi gets clobbered into the wall. In a more recent episode, she once again gets clobbered, resulting her getting stuck in the wall, right beside where she got sent face first earlier. CONTINUITY!!

Like I said, Sakaki and Mayoi are the prime sources of humour. They're really fun characters to begin with and combined with the slapstick comedy that's almost exclusively featuring them on the receiving end, you've got a winning formula. It's a tried method, but this one does it exceptionally well.

There's also Hime. She's equally as fun as Mayoi or Sakaki, but she's fun in a very different way. You could say she's the moe-airhead. Prone to hilarious failures and gushing nosebleeds in the presence of anything adorable, she's one of the characters that you watch more than you listen to. She's in the 'normal' camp for the series, and has some of the best reaction faces. The title picture is also her. Forgot which episode that's from though.

 The series is also ridiculously cute. Like ridiculous with a capitol Z. Make sense? I know. Tsumiki more or less leads the pack for adorableness. All of her reactions and actions when she's around Io easily make her the one most moe character of the series.

The romance really is great too. It's never sappy or heavy, but it's pretty obvious who the main couple is. It's not one of the rom-coms where you'll wonder when they'll get together. They (probaby) aren't together (yet), but they're pretty much the main and only pairing in the series, making them seem like a couple no matter how you look at it. It's even mentioned to be like that in some of the dialogue.

All in all, my favourite series of this season. It's great combination of great comedy, ridiculous adorableness, and cute romance make this a series that I wait for every week.

I've watched some of the episodes more than once, and that's really saying something. I usually can't watch an episode more than once within the season that it airs. I retain a lot of the happenings of the episode and I find it hard to watch something when I know what's going to happen. It's one of the reasons why I really dislike when things use cliches without altering or subverting them. Sometimes they're used well, but I often encounter pretty bad ones.

Anywho, thanks for reading. I'll see what I'll put up next! Gotta catch up on some of my anime too.

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