Spring Season 2016 Midterms

We're more or less half way done with the Spring season now, so I thought I'd do another check in to write about how things are going with the half dozen show's I'm watching. So far, I'd say this was a really solid season - I definitely has some worries going into it, as nothing stood out much, but boy was I wrong. Pretty great all around with nothing being really bad. Well, maybe except for Big Order, and the animation of Phoenix Wright, but you've always got to have the bad to have the good, right?

Also, I stopped watching Space Idols Macross Delta. Hayate was a god damn pain in the ass, and it wasn't a whole lot of fun to watch, so I dropped it. I stand by my sentiments about Hayate being a shit.

Monster Hunter Generations!

July 15th. That's when Generations drops. It's a little later than I expected, as I predicted a late June release, though to be honest, the July release wasn't too far off. With Anime Revolution in the first week of August, I think I'll be able to get decent enough to show some moves in multiplayer when the con rolls around. I suspect that Gunner weapons will be a bit of an uncommon sight that early into the game's release, as most people tend to go for the more numerous Blademaster weapons.

Historically, I've played Monster Hunter from new game starting with a weapon want to learn, but end up moving to a weapon I know to make the early game grind easier. For this game, I'm planning to do something I've never done before: start with a Gunner weapon. See, for many Blademasters, we'd play through the game, and it's common to (and recommended to) pick up different weapons to keep things fresh and for tactical advantages. Most of the time, however, we'll pick up a Gunner weapon late in the game, get okay with using it, and really only use it against monsters we know are hard to deal with up close, like Najarala or Chameleos. It's a pocket weapon, one you pull out for specific situaitons.

This time, I'm starting with the Gunner weapon. I can do fine with my Blademaster weapon(s) of choice. I've put so much time into learning the ins and outs of the Charge Blade and Lance that I doubt I'll have much trouble getting back into them. Whatever weapon to choose to stick with from the start is the one you'll (hopefully) learn the best, so I'm hoping to be able to blast my way through the Village quests and be the uncommon gunner in Multiplayer, which I'm hoping to embrace more from the get-go this time around.

I'll run down my thoughts on the weapons and other things about the game closer to the release.

PS It's been a while since I last updated around here. Between preparing for an audition for school, and my laptop breaking down, I haven't had a lot of time. Writing on my iPad is fine, but getting images up is a real pain on that thing, so I just held out until my laptop came back from repairs.

Spring Anime 2016 First Impressions

We're a week or two into the new Spring season, and I'm back to do my usual first impressions of the stuff I've watched. The list has changed a bit since I first put up my anticipated list, with a couple falling off the list, and another sneaking it's way on. 

So far, it's been pretty good. Sakamoto's first episode was fabulous and good fun, but how it does in the long run is still up in the air. flying witch is pretty much everything I hoped it would be while Twin Star Exorcists fills my shounen needs.

I couldn't get through the first episode of Bakuon!!. I just hate Sakura's character so much that the moment she starts talking I hit the back button. Nope! Not this! See ya! Onsa could very well be the lead, on a quest to convince others that motorbikes are really cool, but nope. We get shit-for-brains Sakura Hane, who's as if someone took a look at K-ON's Yui and somehow managed to make her even more unbearable. She's even got the reliable younger sister (and she has to be because her older sister is a mess in every possible way) who looks a whole lot like Ui. I can tolerate goofy characters - I love absurd comedy. But numbskull characters like Sakura and Yui (I actually feel kind of bad putting Yui on the same level as Sakura) make me question who exactly is vouching for these kind of characters? WHAT IS THE APPEAL OF A CHARACTER WHO'S DUMB AS A GOD DAMN DOOR KNOB?

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri looks really, really good. Like I really like the art and the character designs. The character designs are really striking, mainly reminding me of the old Macross characters. It had what can only be called a 'propulsive' first episode that played out incredibly similarly to Attack on Titan. There's something poetic about a series directed by Tetsuro Araki featuring a train and steam gauges, because the gauges are always at 100% tension and always going full speed ahead. These series could really use some downtime to just cool down, but nope. Everything has to be terrible, people have to be shouting all the time and no one can relax. 

Also, for an armoured train, the Koutetsujou seems to have a whole lot of weak points. Between vulnerable windows, giblets getting caught in gears and steam valves always breaking, you'd think that they might consider refurbishing that thing to be a little more reliable?

Anyways, enough rambling and onto the actual impressions.