Spring Anime 2016 First Impressions

We're a week or two into the new Spring season, and I'm back to do my usual first impressions of the stuff I've watched. The list has changed a bit since I first put up my anticipated list, with a couple falling off the list, and another sneaking it's way on. 

So far, it's been pretty good. Sakamoto's first episode was fabulous and good fun, but how it does in the long run is still up in the air. flying witch is pretty much everything I hoped it would be while Twin Star Exorcists fills my shounen needs.

I couldn't get through the first episode of Bakuon!!. I just hate Sakura's character so much that the moment she starts talking I hit the back button. Nope! Not this! See ya! Onsa could very well be the lead, on a quest to convince others that motorbikes are really cool, but nope. We get shit-for-brains Sakura Hane, who's as if someone took a look at K-ON's Yui and somehow managed to make her even more unbearable. She's even got the reliable younger sister (and she has to be because her older sister is a mess in every possible way) who looks a whole lot like Ui. I can tolerate goofy characters - I love absurd comedy. But numbskull characters like Sakura and Yui (I actually feel kind of bad putting Yui on the same level as Sakura) make me question who exactly is vouching for these kind of characters? WHAT IS THE APPEAL OF A CHARACTER WHO'S DUMB AS A GOD DAMN DOOR KNOB?

Koutetsujou no Kabaneri looks really, really good. Like I really like the art and the character designs. The character designs are really striking, mainly reminding me of the old Macross characters. It had what can only be called a 'propulsive' first episode that played out incredibly similarly to Attack on Titan. There's something poetic about a series directed by Tetsuro Araki featuring a train and steam gauges, because the gauges are always at 100% tension and always going full speed ahead. These series could really use some downtime to just cool down, but nope. Everything has to be terrible, people have to be shouting all the time and no one can relax. 

Also, for an armoured train, the Koutetsujou seems to have a whole lot of weak points. Between vulnerable windows, giblets getting caught in gears and steam valves always breaking, you'd think that they might consider refurbishing that thing to be a little more reliable?

Anyways, enough rambling and onto the actual impressions.

Greatsword of Artorias (MAN AT ARMS - REFORGED)

Dark Souls has always fascinated me with it's designs. Everything generally looks and feels coherent and well thought out. Things are grotesque, and yet have an air of majesty to them. The art book goes into more detail about the designs of enemies, armour and locations in the game.

Anywho, what better way to celebrate the beautiful designs of Dark Souls, than to faithfully recreate the intricately etched Greatsword of Artorias, one of the major figures in the lore of Dark Souls.

It's not the first "big blade" they've forged, but it might just be the most detailed with numerous embossed and engraved designs across the blade. The gorgeous contrast between the silver edges, and the dark blade makes the designs pop out more prominently. Massive props to Man At Arms Reforged (Baltimore Knife and Sword) for the amazing work on this beast of a blade.

If you want to dive more into the lore of Dark Souls, I recommend looking up Vaati and EpicNameBro (ENB) up on Youtube for their respective takes on the lore. If you're feeling particular free of things to do, MoonlightButterfly has cut together a masive feature length "movie", following the various characters of the game. It's an impressive feat that helps tie all of the game's stories together into a single (albeit very lengthy) package.

Anime to Look Forward to in 2016

I recently wrote up a short list of series airing in the Spring, but there are a few other titles airing this year that I'm really looking forward to. A few of them are guaranteed watches, unless they end up on platforms I can't watch them on, though I'm certain that at least 1 of them is going to make it onto Crunchyroll.

P.S. I've linked trailer (if applicable) in the titles of each series.


  • Summer 2016:
    • Amanchu! 
    • Sweetness and Lightning
    • BERSERK (2016)

  • Fall 2016
    • Natsume Yuujinchou Season 5
    • March Comes in Like a Lion 
    • Classicaloid