A Year in Games - Etrian Odyssey 4

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After a brief break, we return to the final installation of the series. On the cusp of the new year, we visit a game I've been enjoying a lot as of late, though only recently starting. Strap in for a write up on a game that probably entertains as much as it frustrates players. This one's reaaaalll long. I added a little write up on the classes and my party build after the divide at the end of the post proper. I'd be happy if you read it, because it gets into the more strategic part of the game and one of my favourite parts of it. Definitely consider reading it if you're considering playing it, or just getting started.

A Year in Games: Pokemon X/Y

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Ah Pokemon. The game that literally prints money for Nintendo. For years it's been the handheld juggernaut, rivalled only by Monster Hunter and more recently, Puzzle & Dragon. The latest title in this beloved series brings big and welcome changes to the game, streamlining and simplifying some aspects, and adding in new features for that extra little fun.

A Year in Games: Project X Zone (3DS)

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The big mashup of Capcom, Sega and Namco-Bandai has it's turn in the spotlight! 
Essentially a love letter to their fans, Project X Zone takes some of the most well known characters from each company's vast library of games and throws them all into a single game. With 60 "playable" characters, and a total of over 200 characters in the game, fans of these company can more or less be sure to recognize a good number of these characters.